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New Training: Linux Permissions and Ownership

by Michael Hess
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Published on March 22, 2021

In this 9-video, intermediate training, CBT Nuggets trainer Shawn Powers covers the knowledge that server administrators need to be able to access permissions and control who has access to which files — and how to apply a fundamental level of security to the files and directories of Linux systems.

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Assigning permissions and updating file ownership is one of the most basic aspects of maintaining a Linux environment. Giving the right people the right permissions is fundamental to security. On the other hand, there aren’t many quicker paths to bad security than failing to do so.

The course covers topics such as the relationship of permissions and ownership to system administration, using permissions and ownership to provide fundamental security, and understanding the Linux commands for checking and changing permission statuses as well as:

  • Using SELinux Tools

  • Managing SELinux

  • Understanding Octal Notation

  • Using ACLs to Supplement File Permissions

  • Escalating Privilege on a Linux System

This training includes:

  • 1 hour of training

  • 9 videos

Watch a video from the series:

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