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New Training: Juniper MPLS

by Team Nuggets
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Published on June 30, 2021

In this 30-video, intermediate training, CBT Nuggets trainer Knox Hutchinson covers the knowledge network administrators need to configure MPLS on Juniper devices, creating more efficient and custom traffic patterns without sacrificing network security.

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Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is a technology often seen in carrier networks and corporate WANs. MPLS not only helps ensure packets get where they’re destined, but that they get there via a reasonable route — potentially bypassing complicated routes that were procedurally generated. Like the name suggests, MPLS depends on adding, replacing or stripping labels to each packet as it passes through the network, and each switch in the network knows what to do with each label.

MPLS isn’t unique to Juniper devices, but the way that Juniper devices and the Junos OS manages MPLS is unique. A network administrator who takes this Juniper MPLS training will be better equipped to enhance bandwidth and improve uptime while avoiding some of the security pitfalls that untrained administrators can introduce.

The three-part series covers topics such as configuring and managing MPLS on Juniper devices, recognizing how Junos is unique in handling MPLS traffic routing, and engineering custom traffic patterns that bypass routing tables.

Watch a video from the series:

The skills that comprise this series include:

Topics this training covers include:

  • Deploying LDP

  • LDP Foundations

  • What Signaling Protocols Do

  • The Benefits of MPLS

  • The Dynamic Traffic Engineering Solution

This training includes:

  • 3 hour of training

  • 30 videos

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