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This Week: Preparing for Disaster

by Team Nuggets
This Week: Preparing for Disaster picture: A
Published on January 29, 2021

One way to plan for a disaster is to prevent it. If your employer is the Department of Defense, you might need to get a cybersecurity certification. At the very least, you'll need the tools successful IT pros use when preparing for a variety of incidents.

This week, we took a look at some ways to prevent a variety of disasters.

5 Types of Network Failures and How to Prevent Them

In many ways, your network is like a stack of carefully placed dominoes. As is often the case, it pays to be aware of what could happen — and be able to plan accordingly.

Incident Response: Responsibilities When On-Call

Incident plans usually detail who is expected to be on-call and respond to emergencies. Find out what the different responsibilities are for on-call teams.

Incident Response: Setting Up an On-Call Plan

On-call plans are crucial for all organizations, however, they can be challenging to design and implement. Learn ways to set up successful on-call plans.

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