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Palo Alto Networks PCNSA: 5 Practice Questions

5 PCNSA Practice Questions
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Published on October 13, 2022

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA) certification is designed for those who are responsible for the security of a network and want to demonstrate their knowledge of the Palo Alto Networks platform. 

If you’re interested in earning a Palo Alto PCNSA certification, you should have one to three years of experience in the networking and security field with more than 6 months of hands-on experience in configuring and managing Palto Alto network security operating platforms and next-generation firewalls.

The best way to prepare for the PCNSA exam is with a combination of online training like CBT Nuggets — as well as practicing with real-world questions. In this article, we will present five practice questions so you can get a sense of how you’ll need to study and prepare for the exam.

PCNSA Exam at a Glance

The Palo Alto PCNSA is a proctored exam that’s administered by a third-party company, Pearson VUE. The 50-question exam costs $155 USD, and a candidate has 80 minutes to complete the text. A passing score varies between 70 and 80 points.

PCNSA Practice Questions

Practice questions enable you to measure your learning progress and gauge your exam readiness. At CBT Nuggets, we recommend you use practice exams throughout your training journey to ensure you are learning material effectively.

The following practice questions are designed to give you a feel for the type of questions you may see on the Palo Alto PCNSA exam.

1. A network security administrator wants to allow/permit its organization’s users to use their own office applications. How would he configure the Palo Alto firewall to allow/permit multiple applications in a dynamic environment?

Answer: A security administrator can create an Application Filter and name it according to his choice, then filter it on the business-systems category, and office-systems subcategory.

2. When a security administrator sets up a URL filtering security profile, which actions can be set for this?

Answer: If the network security administrator is setting up a URL filtering security profile, he will set up Custom URL Categories and PAN-DB URL Categories actions.

3. Palo Alto firewalls have different planes that are used for different purposes. Which plane is used for logging, configuration, and reporting functions on a separate processor?

Answer: Management Plane is responsible to provide such types of information.

4. How many zones can a security administrator assign to an interface in the Palo Alto firewall?

Answer: Only one zone can be assigned at a time to an interface in the Palo Alto firewall.

5. Virtual routers and routing protocols are normally used in Palo Alto firewalls to secure the environment. Which interface type uses both?

Answer: The Layer 3 interface type uses both routing protocols and virtual routers to ensure efficient routing in Palo Alto firewalls.

Bonus Questions 1. Which policy is required to enable source NAT on the Palo Alto firewall if an internal host requires to connect to the internet?

Answer: NAT policy with internal zone and internet zone specified to enable source NAT on the firewall.

2. Which interface on the Palo Alto firewall doesn’t need an IP or MAC address?

Answer: Virtual Wire is an interface that does not require an IP or MAC address in the Palo Alto firewall.

Is Palo Alto Certification Worth It?

Earning a Palo Alto certification is one of the most prestigious certifications in the network security field. With it, you can benefit organizations to configure and manage their Palo Alto-based network security infrastructure more efficiently and securely.    

Many organizations and businesses trust Palo Alto security appliances to secure their infrastructure and if you earn a certification in it, you may not have any stress about getting a job, because the demand for certified Palo Alto professionals is increasing in the market day by day. Prep for your certification with CBT Nuggets today!


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