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New Training: Security Concepts for the Enterprise

by Team Nuggets
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Published on February 22, 2021

In this 9-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Keith Barker discusses and explains many of the security concepts that apply to larger organizations. Watch this new Cyber Security training.

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This training includes:

  • 9 videos

  • 45 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introduction to Security Concepts for the Enterprise

  • Configuration management

  • Data protection

  • Hashing

  • Deception and Disruption

  • SSL/TLS Inspection

  • Site Resiliency

  • API Considerations

  • Quiz and Review

Modern Data Threats Need Modern Data Protection Strategies

Data protection is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of today's modern cyber threats. To this point, a security technology or solution that may have provided protection and resiliency only a few years ago may not offer the necessary protection to today's more sophisticated threats.

Today, enterprise data protection strategies often encompass multiple steps in a protection strategy to effectively limit the risk of cyberattacks. For example, not too long ago, a common data protection strategy was to create a single local backup for protection on sensitive data. This single backup strategy has proven to act as a single point of failure, so to improve upon this risk, data protection strategies have evolved.

Now, organizations will backup locally, test the backup for malware and ransomware, and then copy the backup to cloud-based immutable storage, where the backup cannot be overwritten or deleted. This improvement to the enterprise data protection strategy is one simple example of how organizations are designing their security policies to be more resilient in the face of more sophisticated attacks.

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