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New Training: Project Scope Management

by Team Nuggets
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Published on March 9, 2021

In this 8-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Simona Millham takes you through the six processes of scope management and shows you how an agile environment would differ. Watch this new Project Management training.

Watch the full course: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This training includes:

  • 8 videos

  • 40 minutes of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introducing Project Scope Management

  • Planning Scope Management

  • Collecting Requirements

  • Defining Scope

  • Create WBS

  • Validate Scope

  • Control Scope

  • Scope Management in Agile Environments

What is a WSB and How Can It Improve Project Management?

A WSB or Work Breakdown Structure is a project management strategy that breaks a large project up into smaller defined tasks and subtasks organized in a hierarchical format. This project management structure provides a benefit for organizations as they are able to delegate tasks and subtasks to different teams to work on multiple tasks and subtasks in parallel.

Making an effective WBS often requires multidisciplinary and cross functional buy-in to reorganize large projects into smaller more accessible tasks and subtasks.At a high level organizations must gather all critical documents, key team members, project-dependencies, timelines and goals and iteratively break down large projects into more approachable tasks.

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