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This Week: The Help Desk

by Raju Woodward
This Week: The Help Desk picture: A
Published on August 16, 2019

Life on the help desk isn't always glamorous. But you're building an invaluable foundation for an IT career. Not only are you learning basic tech skills, but also developing soft skills. This week, we looked at how to embrace help desk life, how long you should stay in the role, and certs that can help you transition off the help desk.

How Long You Should Stay on the Help Desk

You might be content on the help desk right now. But when should you think about moving on? If you make the jump too soon, you might be woefully unprepared. If you stay too long, you might miss out on opportunities. So, just how long should you stay?

5 Certifications to Get You Off the Help Desk

One of the biggest benefits of working the help desk is that it can provide a solid foundation for an IT career. That said, earning certification can help you make the jump from help desk to bona fide IT pro. Here are five certs worth pursuing.

How to Stop Worrying and Love the Help Desk

Sure, it can be a thankless job and you aren't going to be in the limelight often. But there's a lot to love about being on the help desk. So, why not embrace it? We put together a list of reasons why help desk life is awesome.



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