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5 Reasons You Should Learn Azure

by Raju Woodward
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Published on April 3, 2015

There is no larger or more looming change in the business of IT than public cloud services. Whether you're an entry-level developer, an established system administrator, or an IT manager you'll feel the impact of "The Cloud" sooner rather than later! Microsoft Azure offers a scalable and reliable platform that's ready to integrate with your current and future projects.

If you're ready to launch your next system, company, or brilliant idea into the future, here are five great reasons why Microsoft Azure makes sense for you. When you're ready to make the leap, we have plenty of Microsoft Azure training to get you started

1. Microsoft Azure is one of the most used cloud services on the planet. While there are many cloud service offerings, including many you can learn right here at CBT Nuggets, Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing provider on the market and has a market share second only to Amazon Web Services. If you want to keep your skills up to date and relevant then Microsoft Azure is a clear choice.

2. No infrastructure worries. It's expensive and time consuming to purchase, build, support, and maintain the hardware required to run even a small software solution. Azure's service offerings take that out of your hands and manage the dirty work for you, right down to billing on a per-use basis. This means you can focus on building awesome web apps that scale up and out and take advantage of a world-class infrastructure without breaking your budget.

3. Use tools you already know. There's no need to learn a new language or tool, Microsoft Azure is seamlessly integrated with products that Microsoft has offered for years. You can write your Azure Websites and manage your Azure Virtual Machines right from within Visual Studio, while Azure Active Directory allows you to federate your domain security policies with almost no effort, and of course, Azure SQL Server is based on the wildly popular Microsoft SQL Server.

4. It's an open-platform as well. Just because they integrate with Microsoft's exiting products doesn't mean you're limited to using them. Microsoft Azure is a wide open platform that is set to run a variety of popular and powerful technologies from many different vendors. The Azure Marketplace has more than 3,000 different pre-built, click-to-deploy solutions that run the gamut from Hadoop Clusters with HDInsight to LAMP stack farms to node.js-based web servers. Microsoft Azure is an easy landing spot no matter what your technology background is.

5. Cloud skills are in demand! Whether you're seeking to make your next move in IT or keep up with your contemporaries, knowing the ins and outs of public cloud tools is almost mandatory. IDC predicts growth in spending on cloud services will grow at six times the rate of spending in other areas of IT. Make sure some of that is spent on YOU.

Ready to explore in the cloud? Watch completed videos of Ben's in-progress "Microsoft Azure 70-533" training course today!

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