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New Course: Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2

by Raju Woodward
New Course: Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2 picture: A
Published on April 18, 2014

Take the next step toward becoming a CCNA service provider with a new CBT Nuggets training course,"Cisco CCNA 640-878 SPNGN2."

During the 27-video course, trainer Jeremy Cioara focuses on service provider networks, covering topics such as VLANs, OSPF configuration, label switching, and much more! Before watching this course, it's recommended that you watch Jeremy's "Cisco CCNA 640-875 SPNGN1" course.

This course also prepares learners for the 640-878 exam, one of the two exams that must be passed to earn CCNA Service Provider certification.

Here's the course video listing:

  1. Welcome to SPNGN2: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Course

  2. IP NGN: Service Provider Architecture

  3. IP NGN: The Core Protocols of the Service Provider

  4. IP NGN: The Service Provider Router Dream Machines

  5. VLAN: What is a VLAN?

  6. VLAN: Layer 2 Configuration

  7. VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration – Router on a Stick

  8. VLAN: Layer 3 Configuration – L3 Switching

  9. STP: Spanning Tree Revisited

  10. STP: Configuring RSTP and MSTP

  11. Metro Ethernet: Introducing the ME 3400 Switch

  12. Metro Ethernet: Understanding and Configuring Cisco REP

  13. Metro Ethernet: Understanding and Configuring 802.1ad (QinQ)

  14. OSPF: Welcome to the World's Most Popular Routing Protocol

  15. OSPF: Basic OSPF Configuration

  16. IS-IS: The Routing Protocol You Never Knew

  17. IS-IS: Configuration

  18. BGP: Core Routing Protocol Concepts

  19. BGP: The Simple Metric

  20. BGP: Basic BGP Configuration

  21. FHRP: Understanding HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP

  22. Services: MPLS Technology Overview and Core Concepts

  23. Services: Understanding Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  24. Services: Configuring Standard Access Lists

  25. Services: Configuring Extended Access Lists

  26. Services: The Road to IPv6

  27. IOS Maintenance: Handling IOS XR Software

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