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Meet the Trainer: Trevor Sullivan

by Team Nuggets
Meet the Trainer: Trevor Sullivan picture: A
Published on May 12, 2020

Our newest trainer, Trevor Sullivan, has 15+ years of IT experience and has been teaching IT for more than a decade. However, he has been interested in technology for longer than that. His father owned a software company, allowing Trevor to get hands-on with computers at a young age. And his first CBT Nuggets training, Author PowerShell Modules, just dropped, and you can watch for his newest releases on the Trevor Sullivan trainer page

Here are some additional facts about our new resident PowerShell expert that you might find interesting.  

Where he lives: Washington State. His favorite thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is the beautiful year-round motorcycling weather, and plentiful craft brewery options. 

Area of expertise: Amazon Web Services, Docker, Microsoft Azure, and PowerShell automation.

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Advanced PowerShell Automation

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USD / learner / month

When he's not creating training: He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, riding motorcycles, hiking, and trying out new beers. 

His favorite thing about being a trainer: He enjoys teaching IT because the technology industry is changing so rapidly, and learners need to stay at the cutting edge. Software vendors focus on building great products and rely on partners to deliver top-notch content. CBT Nuggets specializes in producing effective IT training that keeps learners at the top of their game.

He's passionate about video training because: He says video learning is an effective mechanism for people to learn IT because it’s easy to watch anywhere, consume at your own pace, and easily follow along with the trainer. You could be on the train, at the airport, or taking a road trip, and still be learning every day!

Random fact: If he could only eat one food item for the rest of his life, it would be bacon. Speaking of which, Trevor said eating bacon is one of his strongest talents. 

Ready to learn with Trevor? Start watching his PowerShell training today.

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