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Celebrating a Commitment to Bettering Lives

by Ryan Lee
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Published on March 11, 2021

In the days where CBT Nuggets team members could gather together, we would hold a quarterly celebration. A big lunch, with honors given to team members who have recently had work anniversaries. One year, five years, ten years, and YES, some 20 years cheers happened during these lunches.

Since we've been working remotely, though, we haven't been able to have in-person, company-wide, team events. We miss those days and want to celebrate the team members who recently had an anniversary with CBT Nuggets.

Without further ado, we'd like to thank the following people for their time and excellent work.


Andrew Cauthorn

An incredible team member. Andrew works on email marketing, making a dent in our learner's lives. Andrew continues to grow his skills with email automation, building specific profiles, and ensuring that we're getting the right emails out to our learners. Thank you, Andrew.

Derek Kershner

As a member of the data reporting team, Derek helps demonstrate value to administrators, learners, and our teams. He's recently moved to another group within CBT Nuggets and is currently hard at work, building a bigger, better reporting system. Thank you, Derek.

Diego Mercado

Both in-person and through our move to remote work, Diego is an outstanding team member, providing IT support when that hasn't been easy. Diego has worked through the challenges that have come up in the last year, finding unique ways to meet our IT needs. Thank you, Diego.

Long Le

Moving quickly from QA testing into a development role, Long jumps into every project with both feet, and we are better for it. Thank you for all of your valuable contributions, Long!

Blake Geist

Blake is an SEO expert and has revitalized our way of thinking about optimization. Full of curiosity, Blake helps us make headway with our user accessibility efforts and always brings questions that make our products better. Thank you, Blake.

Matt Smith

Matt is the epitome of support, success, and caring. Matt has such a unique way of connecting with our learners and making every individual meet their needs daily. Thank you, Matt!

Greg Weber

Greg has a big role in a significant CBTN initiative: Accessibility. We want our product to be accessible to everyone, and Greg has been a massive contributor to those ongoing efforts. Thank you, Greg.

Knox Hutchinson

He's a CBT Nuggets trainer, Learner Community mentor, and a genuine, supportive team member. Knox creates content that helps to change learners' life paths. He jumps in makes what learners need to grow their skills, always going above and beyond to make the best material possible. Thank you, Knox.

John Munjoma

John joined CBT Nuggets early in 2020 and has already published very high-quality cybersecurity training for learners and CBTN team members. Keep an eye on John's training; there's always something new to learn. Thank you, John!

Ray Liu

Ray is ready for whatever challenges get thrown at him. He focuses on making the product the best that it can be, and we could not be more thankful to have him on the team. Thank you, Ray.

Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess

Hungry. That's the best word for Dakota. He is always looking for chances to expand his mind, driving the CBT Nuggets product forward. He's still working to improve his skills, and we're grateful for his presence. Thank you, Dakota.

Bahman Ashtari

As both a developer and engineer, Bahman always gives his all. He recently earned some certifications to be the best possible team member, sharpening his toolset even further. Thank you for continuing to find insights for team members and CBTN leadership, Bahman!

Alex Dixon

Code tester supreme! Alex is one of those contributors who makes sure that our development is on the right track. Are things being done correctly? Alex knows. Quality control is always top of mind. Thank you, Alex!


Aaron Grusi

Aaron has been a significant contributor to CBT Nuggets over the last 5+ years, from call center optimization to customer success. He spends time with learners through coaching and helps with internal tools to ensure that we have what we need to support our learners. Thank you, Aaron!

Jeremy Aucoin

Starting with the CBT Nuggets Learner Support Team, Jeremy is a member of our fantastic Learning Content Team. A go-to team member, Jeremy keeps our content current, identifies new content needs, and tackles questions – all while keeping true to our "learner first" mentality. Thank you, Jeremy.

Doug Beick

Oh, Doug. He always has the best questions, helping to push CBT Nuggets in the right direction. Doug started with development, where he did a ton of work on QA. As part of the Data Analytics Team, Doug helps team members think critically about how data informs us, moving our product forward. Thank you, Doug!

Josh Cramer

Josh joined us as a coach and has applied those skills with our learners and with so many CBT Nuggets team members. He's a natural mentor and coach, leading our Customer Success Team to new heights. He lives our mission every day, and we are beyond grateful to have such a robust and caring leader in our organization. Thank you, Josh.

Zeb Grady

Grit. YES. Stability. Zeb's focus on those three things leads to solutions at CBT Nuggets. He's willing to get down in the dirt to find a solution, always says, "Yes, we can," to a challenge, and provides a stable, smooth heartbeat to make sure that our projects happen. His versatile skills are appreciated by team members all over the organization. Thank you, Zeb.

Simona Millham

What an incredible trainer. Simona's training material is unmatched, and she's always willing to explore and learn new things. She's encouraging and helpful in all of her material, focused on helping learners unlock their own potential. She makes the most complicated topics easy to understand. Thank you, Simona!

Michael Hess

Life, uh, finds a way. Michael comes up with great, big ideas, and always follows through on making those ideas into realities. He builds tools to support, stabilize and sustain those big ideas, and manages them deftly. As the Marketing Content Manager, Michael is always willing to dive into projects that help elevate CBT Nuggets with our learners. If you're here, reading anything on the CBTN blog, it happens because of Michael. Thank you, Hess.

Adam Hinman

Another amazing team member who started with the Learner Support Team, Adam has made a huge, HUGE, impact in the virtual lab environments. He's regularly working to make them more accessible, efficient, and effective for learners. "How can I help" is Adam's primary question, and we're so lucky to have him on the team. Thank you, Adam.

Jeff Goodell

Jeff has one of those true, powerhouse minds. And it's jam-packed with so much knowledge. As part of the Marketing Team, Jeff uses research and experience to deeply analyze and translate the raw information he gathers, synthesizing it into something understandable for the rest of us. We know that we can trust Jeff's hard work. Thank you, Jeff.

Josh Weinstein

Last, but certainly not least, Josh! With a unique ability to translate data, Josh helps to find ways to connect data with the needs of a learner. Everything he does helps to inform the organization to make good decisions for those who train with us. No matter the tool, Josh has made himself an invaluable part of the Data Analytics team. Thank you, Josh!

Beyond the members of CBT Nuggets that we've highlighted today, we want to share that we are proud of every team member in the organization. Each and everyone who we're lucky to work with, thank you for being part of the CBT Nuggets team. 

There are bright days ahead, and we're grateful you are here. I hope that you go on and make it a great day.

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