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This Week: The Best and Worst of IT

by Team Nuggets
This Week: The Best and Worst of IT picture: A
Published on November 4, 2017

This week, we looked at the current job market. Open positions are going unfilled for longer than they have in nearly a decade, meaning job candidates have the upper hand in the job hunt. With the job churn and lack of qualified candidates, it's a great time for experienced IT professionals to negotiate their way into a better position, or for newcomers to break into the IT career field.

  • 7 Hardest IT Jobs to FillWhile many jobs might be left unfilled due to the natural supply-demand cycle of the economy, other jobs will become increasingly valuable to companies as technology evolves. These are the jobs companies will have the hardest time filling in the next decade.

  • 5 Easiest IT Jobs to Find Right Now Companies are struggling to attract talent, which makes it an ideal time to change jobs or even start a new career. We're currently in what economists call a "tight job market," which is favorable to those looking to make a move. Here are the top five easiest jobs to find for experienced IT professionals.

  • 4 Worst (and Best) Things about Being a SysAdminAs a sysadmin, you arguably have one of the most important jobs in your company. You keep the lights on — maybe literally, depending on whether you're also a facility manager. We talked to a number of IT pros to find out the best and worst things about being a sysadmin.

  • 3 Best IT Jobs for Recent GraduatesFor recent graduates, the job market can be daunting. You might have some experience. You might not. If not, then you're squarely in the experience conundrum. You have the degree, but not enough experience to get a job to gain experience. Here are the jobs you should be looking for as a recent graduate.

  • 6 Top Things IT Pros Need to Be SuccessfulEvery IT professional has their wish list. New equipment. More people. Larger budget. Absent those wish list items, however, most people settle for companies that help them be successful at their job and career. Based on recent CBT Nuggets survey results, we found out what IT pros need to be successful.


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