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Q&A with Jeremy Cioara

by Team Nuggets
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Published on November 8, 2014

During one of our recent Twitter chats, we let Jeremy Cioara take over our account to answer questions about the IT industry, certification, and his own experience and opinions.

Q: If you had to advise someone starting out in IT what three certs would you recommend?

ABSOLUTELY CCNA, then a Microsoft MCSA on Windows 7/8 and server 2012. Gives you enough momentum to get into the industry.

Q: Which networking concept you feel more difficult to understand?

Impossible to say, once you understand something, it's "easy" from there on out, maybe BGP?

Q: What in your opinion is the best way to get started on moving from np to ccie collab?

Getting started: check the forums first; find a study group. Gather all the resources you can from there.

Q: Do you have any advice on how I should begin studies for CCNA Sec?

Honestly, just jumping into Keith's CCNA Security series is the best bet. It goes faster with CCNA R&S knowledge.

Q: Is one month enough to prepare for Expert lab exams?

Nope Expert exams typically take 6-12 months to prepare for.

Q: How would you compare the jump from CCNP to CCIE? More time consuming than CCNA to CCNP?

TOTALLY different. CCNA / CCNP are awesome in their own regard, but CCIE; it's an entirely different level. CCNP exams: 3 months study/test average. CCIE exams: 12 months study/test.

Q: What's next in the career after becoming CCIE?

At that point, the world is at your fingertips: the question is, "where do you want to go?" What technology interests you most?

Q: What do you do to keep up with the latest technologies?

I started a IT Consulting business 6 years ago; customers PUSH me into the latest technologies!

Q: How do you manage to learn new things/techs?

After you do enough "IT work," you start to see patterns where there IS no "new thing" just simpler/faster ways of doing it. For example, the "cloud" is really just network services delivered centrally and given a new, fantastic name. Ooo THE CLOUD! ;o)

Q: What is your take on SDN and how will it change the scope of traditional network design?

Great question we just had a round table of SDN. I threw out a time estimate of 5 years for data center, 10 for enterprise.

Q: What is your take on Cisco's AutoSecure and/or AutoQoS?

AutoSecure/AutoQoS are GREAT as long as you know the foundational concepts. They're a precursor to SDN.

Q: Do you have experience with other networking devices (Allied Telesis, Zyxel, etc.) or is it just Cisco?

Yes, plenty of different vendors (ironically not Allied or Zyxel though). Key: learn concepts, config always changes.

Q: Has PRTG comp'd you a license yet?!?

HA! NO!!! After all these years and the countless business I've sent them, they're still not giving me a license. ;o) They put a micronugget on their website though WAIT, but that still means I'm helping them! Hmmm.

Q: Do you get discounts at Monoprice yet?

Believe it or not; YES! Totally unrelated to CBTNuggets though I simply purchase so much from them.

Jeremy's now on Twitter @CioaraJeremy!


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