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Published on April 27, 2016

To better support our learners, we've made some exciting changes to subscriptions, features access, and billing options. So what's new?

Premium Features for All Accounts. No matter how long you train with us, you'll have access to all our features, including Transcender Practice Exams and Accountability Coaching.

Monthly billing. You can either pay $59 monthly or select one of the other billing options. Whichever billing option you choose, there's no difference in your access to features.

Annual and Semiannual billing. You can still opt to pay annually for $599, and we also are introducing the option to pay semiannually.

Group Discount. With team training, you'll have access to advanced reporting tools at a discounted price. The bigger your team, the bigger the savings on your subscription.

Multiyear Agreement. You can receive an additional discount for committing to training with us for 2 or 3 years.

First Week Free. The first week of any new subscription is free, as long as you haven't had a recent subscription or free trial. Here's the big change: Your free week now includes all features except Transcender Practice Exams.

When will this take effect?

Any new subscriptions will have revised prices and full feature access! So, if you're currently a monthly subscriber, you will see these feature and billing changes at your next renewal.

Features for All!

Any new CBT Nuggets subscription now comes with every one of these awesome features including:

Mobile Apps and Chromecast: Maximize your productivity with apps that give you the ability to train anywhere, anytime. And load up to 10 hours of Nuggets onto our Offline Player so you can keep training, even without internet connectivity.

Accountability Coaching: Find a career pathway, develop a study plan, and get motivated to achieve your goals with your personal accountability coach. Find out more.

Transcender® Practice Exams: Determine baseline knowledge, track progress, and prepare for certification with Transcender, the leading provider of IT practice exams and supplementary study materials. See our list of Transcender exams here.

Virtual Labs: Test your knowledge with real-world, hands-on experience in a virtual environment. See all Virtual Labs here.

CBT Nuggets Learners Community: Connect with like-minded IT professionals, exchange learning resources, get troubleshooting tips, and offer training support. Members can join via a link on any course page, the link shows up when you are signed in.

If you haven't yet tried CBT Nuggets there's really no better time to sign up for your free week.


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