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Offline Training Means No Boundaries

by Team Nuggets
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Published on April 28, 2016

Offline Training is an invaluable CBT Nuggets feature that's now available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Introduced in 2014 as a premium feature for annual subscribers, Offline Training is now standard to all subscribers.

Offline Training allows you to download up to 10 hours of videos, and then watch them anywhere, anytime on your iOS or Android device.

Offline Training Means Offline from Everything

Every trainer will tell you that it's important to find a quiet place to study, preferably somewhere away from your usual workstation that's free of distractions. Let's take that one step further.

The Internet is a wellspring of information. It's also a sinkhole of time-sucking distraction. Most trainers will tell you that search engines are your friend while studying for an exam. They aren't wrong; however, Google crawls Reddit, too. Think about that.

Here's another plan of attack:

  1. Download your courses ahead of time.

  2. Go to your study area.

  3. Switch your device to Airplane Mode.

  4. Enjoy a block of dedicated study time free of emails, IMs, and the Internet.

Offline Training allows you to take training to your study corner, and leave the distractions behind.

Offline Training Takes Mobility to the Next Level

CBT Nuggets provides on-demand, online IT training, which means you can learn from anywhere with an Internet connection. Offline Training takes that flexibility one step further, allowing you to study without an Internet connection-as long as you plan ahead.

Traveling for business or even pleasure? Download the courses you want to watch and never worry about whether they're available on a plane, train, bus, or airport.

Relinquished (or got coaxed out of) your unlimited data plan? Or worried about streaming on your current data plan? Get all your training videos onto your device, and they're there as long as you want-no matter where you are.

Offline Training allows you to cut the cord (so to speak) and take your training with you wherever you go.

Offline Training Serves the Global IT Community

CBT Nuggets subscribers are a diverse, global community. That's why Offline Training is an important feature.

In many countries, Offline Training is a nice to have when you want to mix up your training plan or location. Plenty of subscribers kill a few hours of training offline when they're traveling on a plane or commuting. It's also nice to have the option to take your training outdoors when the weather is comfortable.

In other countries with spotty mobile coverage, slow connections, severe data caps, or that lack of ubiquitous wifi access, Offline Training allows some CBT Nuggets subscribers the opportunity to simply train. Not train more comfortably.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to use this resource to progress in their career, so download the CBT Nuggets app from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon today.

For more information about using CBT Nuggets Offline Training, click on the info icon on the upper right of the Offline Training page.

With Offline Training, Virtual Labs, Transcender Practice Exams and Accountability Coaching now available to everyone, there's no better time to sign up for your free week.


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