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NuggetHacks for Troubleshooting

by Team Nuggets
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Published on May 12, 2016

Troubleshooting is one of the most visible and vital parts of an IT pro's work. Everyone wants what's broken to work again as soon as possible. And what do you do when you've hit a wall in troubleshooting? Ask for help, of course.

CBT Nuggets training is here to help you meet troubleshooting challenges. We've gathered a few NuggetHacks to help you or your team quickly and easily navigate to the info you need.

Make your search a site search: Use before your search keywords to limit your search to everything on the CBT Nuggets site, so you know that any information or resources you pull up have been carefully reviewed, vetted and approved by our expert trainers. It might not be the best idea to trust troubleshooting for your organization's network to information provided by the YouTube channel for Batmanforevs24.

Search transcripts: You can also navigate directly to the information you need by searching our site or navigating to the course you'd know has the answer you're looking for, then opening the transcripts and running a simple search of text on the page. The transcripts are marked with timestamps so you can skip to exactly the part of the Nugget you need.

For example, if you know that Anthony Sequeria discusses how many physical links can be bundled together somewhere in "Cisco CCNP Data Center 642-980 DCUFT" you can search the Transcripts and they'll tell you, down to the second, where you'll find that information.

For more on using transcripts check out this blog post.

Bookmarking: CBT Nugget's video player allows you to bookmark specific places in the course and include a description. As you move through a course, make bookmarks at sections you know you'll need to review for implementation, or those you suspect will come in handy when troubleshooting. The bookmarks even display on your training homepage, so you can go right to them when you log in. If you think you might regularly refer to Keith's troubleshooting methodology from the Net + course, why not have it just a few clicks away?

Download the App: Use your phone or tablet to take training everywhere you go. Whether you're going down the hall to provide desktop support, or miles away to work in a remote office, you'll always have training at your fingertips. Our App is available for IOS, Android, or Amazon devices.

Use Offline Player: Troubleshooting without access to the internet can be especially difficult, so take the training you need with you via our Offline Player on the mobile apps. You can download up to ten hours of training to take with you anywhere you'll need to troubleshoot, even if there's no internet access.

Interested in more NuggetHacks for IT learning? We've got you covered.


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