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3 Most Practical Collaboration Certs for IT Pros

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Published on April 4, 2018

Many organizations use at least one collaboration software. Others use various VoIP, chat, email, and even word processing. Collaboration tools have been a game-changer for many companies and teams in recent years.

Let's be honest: project and team management have long been among the most challenging processes in any business. The larger the team, the more complex project management can be. Fortunately, a wide range of collaborative tools makes overseeing everything easier. On the other hand, collaboration technologies can be a bit tricky and nuanced.

There is good news: Collaboration certifications can help IT team members learn the inside and out of various tools, allowing them to become evangelicals who can impart knowledge to the company and team. We put together this list of best collaboration certifications for IT pros so you can focus on advancing your skills and career.

Cisco CCNP Collaboration

Obtaining Cisco CCNP Collaboration certification is a great way to start building your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) skill set. This certification validates that learners possess the knowledge and skills held by network engineers needed to design, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot Cisco collaboration and unified communications devices, applications, and networks.

Furthermore, those who obtain the Cisco CCNP collaboration cert will be certified as professionals who can implement and maintain collaborative and UCC applications. With such a cert, IT pros can help their organization improve employee productivity and encourage innovation with technologies such as video conferencing.

Cisco is one of the most trusted commercial software developers in the world. Numerous major companies rely on its solutions, and it is among the top collaboration tools.

MCSE: Productivity

Windows remains the de facto operating system of many organizations, so the MCSE: Productivity certification is a great asset for IT pros.

The requirements for this certification require learners to develop professional-level skills in a variety of Microsoft collaboration products and services. Skype for Business? There's a certification for that. SharePoint Server? There's a certification for that, too.

Ultimately, given the popularity of Microsoft and its business solutions, MCSE: Productivity certification is a solid choice for IT pros who work for organizations that utilize collaboration technologies and services. Plus, being Microsoft-certified is always a nice boost to the IT skill set — because you'll need to learn other valuable skills that will benefit you across the platform.

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional will provide IT pros with the skills needed to ensure that valuable solutions continue to work. At least three years of experience is recommended before attempting one of the certification exams.

Avaya Certified Support or Solution Specialist (ACSS)

Having spun off Lucent Technologies, Avaya has emerged as one of the most popular business communication and collaboration providers — offering servers, messaging software, and even collaboration-based app development tools. Its Avaya Equinox Experience platform is especially lauded for being mobile-friendly.

IT professionals who want to add collaboration to their toolbox cannot go wrong with pursuing Avaya's advanced-level services credentials: Avaya Certified Support Specialist and Avaya Certified Solution Specialist. Both certs validate the ability to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot Avaya solutions.

While many of Avaya's certs are open for any learner to take, it's worth noting some of Avaya's cert programs are available only to qualified partners and associations. Generally, Avaya recommends at least two years of hands-on experience before pursuing a certification program.

Tools that Point to a Collaborative Future

Collaboration tools are likely to remain in demand. From advanced, full-featured collaboration platforms to simpler VoIP, email, and chat platforms, you have many options. IT pros can become more valuable to their companies by obtaining certifications such as the three we covered and becoming experts in their preferred and specified collaboration platforms.

With the proper training and knowledge, IT staffers can help empower innovation, collaboration, and organizational success.


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