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HTML and CSS for Web Developers FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this HTML, CSS and JavaScript training for web developers?

This course in HTML, CSS and Javascript will teach you the three most important languages on the internet. You'll learn how HTML and CSS work together to create the visual appearance of basically every website in the world, and how JavaScript makes it possible to create apps and interactive pages.

Who should take this HTML, CSS and JavaScript course for web developers?

Like the name suggests, web developers should take this HTML, CSS and JavaScript course. Students who want to get into web development will learn a lot from this course, as will anyone who needs to make tweaks or updates to webpages. Application developers will benefit from this course as well.

Is this training in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web developers associated with any certifications?

No, this course doesn't get bogged down in memorization or exam preparation and instead is focused on making sure that you know how to read and write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this course, practical application and actually using the three languages is much more important than passing a test.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web developers?

It's controversial to say, but when it comes to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, there are no extremely worthwhile certifications. There are hardwares and softwares where having a certification is great for landing a job. But for these three coding languages, a great portfolio will be more important than a cert.

Why should you take this HTML, CSS and JavaScript training for web developers?

You should take this HTML, CSS and JavaScript training because if you want a job as a web developer, there's no way around learning those three languages. Even if you're "pretty okay" with them, learning them from the ground-up in a structured way will make you a much better developer.
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