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Learn JavaScript Essentials FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is JavaScript and what is it best used for?

JavaScript is a programming language. JavaScript is highly versatile and gets used in many different contexts, but most often in web development or building websites and applications that work online. JavaScript is what's known as a client-side scripting language, which means it processes its instructions on the user's device and not on a faraway server. That means it's lightweight and that it can support real-time interaction from users and on-the-fly content updates.

What do I need to learn before learning JavaScript?

Even though this is an entry-level JavaScript course, there are some things you could know that would accelerate your learning. First of all: HTML and CSS. JavaScript interacts primarily with these two pillars of web development, and you should have a strong familiarity with them. Also, you should at least know what the Document Object Model is as well as programming fundamentals like variables, data types and control structures.

Is three months enough time to learn JavaScript?

Yes, three months is definitely enough time to gain a strong foundation of the key concepts of JavaScript like variables, functions and control flow. But unless you work tirelessly and solely on mastering JavaScript, it's unlikely in the extreme that you could master JavaScript in only three months. With a course like this, you can be using JavaScript in much less than three months, but mastery comes with practice, projects and experience.

Is this JavaScript Essentials course associated with any certifications?

No, rather than serve as a pathway to accreditation and certification, this course was developed to focus on tangible, practical skills in coding JavaScript. This course emphasizes a fundamental understanding of the JavaScript language and scripting languages generally. Once you've mastered the theory behind JavaScript, you'll move on to coding proficiency, DOM manipulation, event handling, error handling and more. This is a highly practical course with a strong emphasis on practice.

Who should take this JavaScript essentials course?

The most obvious audience for this entry-level JavaScript course is anyone who wants to eventually work as a web developer. JavaScript is also useful for software engineers and UI/UX designers. This course is excellent for people looking to land their first job, but even if you're already working in one of those fields, take this course to deepen your understanding of client-side scripting and managing interactive and dynamic websites and apps.
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