John Deegan

John has worked in various IT roles for his entire career, starting at the bottom and working his way up. Throughout his career journey he's embraced the joy of storytelling, which he hopes to share with CBT Nuggets learners through his passion for IT!

Professional Experience:

John has worked in IT, and learned on the job, since 1999. He started as a generalist and has since spent time working on help desks, as a PBX administrator, a systems engineer, and plenty in between.

He’s also been writing and blogging about IT topics for more than 16 years in a personal and professional capacity. His role at CBT Nuggets allows him to bring all of his experiences together in one spot.

Topic Expertise:

Wi-Fi, networking, soft skills, project management, and learning anything else along the way.

Education / Certifications:

Website / Portfolio:

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