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PowerShell FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this PowerShell training?

You'll learn how to write PowerShell scripts so that you can automate the behavior of any software or hardware in your Windows systems and networks. You won't just learn a powerful scripting language from this course, though, you also learn how to dig deep into the guts of your devices and speak in their native language.

Who should take this PowerShell course?

Literally anyone whose job involves managing the behavior of Windows-based software or hardware should take this PowerShell course: from entry-level technicians to experienced network pros. If you have to run diagnostics, update firmware or drivers, analyze metrics, create graphs of system or network information, this course on PowerShell will drastically improve and speed up your work.

Is this training in PowerShell associated with any certifications?

This PowerShell course isn't associated with any particular certification. Many CBT Nuggets courses are written with an exam in mind, but this PowerShell course was designed to cover as many different automation and scripting skills in as many different settings and situations as possible. You'll be well-prepared for certifications, but not one in particular.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in PowerShell?

There's no single certification that covers only PowerShell. Instead, a firm grasp of PowerShell can help along the way to earning a certification like Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate. It's a cert for experienced administrators who can, among other things, use PowerShell to configure and manage Windows Server platform workloads.

Why should you take this PowerShell training?

You should take this course on PowerShell because it remains one of the most powerful, time-saving tools ever created. If you spend any time managing, configuring, tweaking, or using Windows for your IT job, you need to know PowerShell. Learn to make your job easier, faster, more fun and less stressful with PowerShell.
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