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All SharePoint 2007 FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What will you learn in this SharePoint 2007 training?

You'll learn to administer the 2007 version of SharePoint. That includes installing it on your network, configuring devices and user profiles and updating the server that runs it. This course may not cover the most recent versions of SharePoint, but you will gain mastery of the legacy collaboration software.

Who should take this SharePoint 2007 course?

This course was written for systems administrators and network administrators who suddenly find themselves responsible for an out-of-date and unsupported version of SharePoint. If you're going to work with the old version of SharePoint, get this training so that you understand it and can navigate and administer it properly.

Is this training in SharePoint 2007 associated with any certifications?

No, this SharePoint 2007 training is no longer associated with any valid certifications. This training used to prepare learners for Microsoft's exam 70-630, but Microsoft retired it nearly a decade ago. Now, it's better for preparing administrators for using the antiquated collaboration software and its servers.

What certification should you consider after taking this course in SharePoint 2007?

Unfortunately, deep familiarity with the 2007 version of SharePoint is no longer enough on its own to earn you a certification. But Microsoft has administrator certifications that should be easier to prepare for after this course – like Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Associate or Power Platform App Maker Associate.

Why should you take this SharePoint 2007 training?

SharePoint is hard enough to figure out on its own, to say nothing of the older versions. But just because they're hard to figure out doesn't mean companies don't keep using them. Take this training and be the local expert on administering SharePoint and keeping collaboration happening.

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