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SharePoint Training for End Users FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is SharePoint and what is an end user?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform from Microsoft. SharePoint is a centralized location for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing documents and other multimedia content. "End user" is a term used in technology to mean anyone who uses a software product or technology as a consumer. End users of SharePoint are the people in an organization who actually use the platform to collaborate on projects, share documents, manage workflows, and create sites.

Who should take this course on using SharePoint?

The best audience for this course on using SharePoint is non-technical professionals in office settings, including project managers, team leads, administrators and office staff. This SharePoint course will help you understand how to most effectively use all the features and options that come with the platform for managing documents and collaborating and communicating with your teammates. It's hard to overstate how much more useful SharePoint is when users are well-trained.

What are the upsides vs downsides of using SharePoint?

SharePoint is a versatile tool for sharing documents and collaborating on projects, that versatility is its strength and its potential downside. If you have well-trained people deploying, using and maintaining your organization's SharePoint sites, it's a force-multiplier. But if familiarity with the tool deteriorates and no one knows how to use it properly, it can actually be a bigger detriment than help. Good SharePoint training unlocks its real value for users.

Can this SharePoint training help me get a job as a SharePoint developer?

No, this course covers SharePoint fundamentals, but it's not designed for SharePoint developers. End user training focuses on functionality related to collaboration and document management. SharePoint developer training goes into programming, customization and – most importantly – integration with other existing systems and network capabilities. That said, this course provides a clear sense of what end users experience with the platform, which could make you a more insightful SharePoint developer.

Why should I take this SharePoint end user training?

You should consider this course because SharePoint is a great tool for collaborating and sharing documents, but it's not the easiest interface to figure out on your own. The difference between a good SharePoint site and a terrible one is often obvious at a glance, and depending on where you work, being a vetted and trained SharePoint expert could make you attractive for promotions or help you land special positions.
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