The Relationship Between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

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Simona Millham
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SharePoint Online Training for Power Users FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth it to take an entire course on SharePoint?

An entire course on using SharePoint isn't necessarily for everyone. But for a tool meant to make things easier, it's a very difficult app to understand without a course like this one. If you visit, update or manage SharePoint sites, this course is absolutely worth it. Don't struggle on your own trying to figure out why a file won't download or why your team's SharePoint page doesn't display properly – just take this short course and master the collaboration platform.

How hard is it to learn SharePoint?

A lot of people struggle with using SharePoint, but what's ironic is SharePoint isn't especially hard to learn – it just takes dedicated time, patience and a good instructor. If you try and learn on your own, SharePoint just feels like a bad website. But learn from a course like this and you'll quickly see how to customize the layout and use of sites, configure permissions, and manage documents, lists and libraries.

Is this SharePoint course associated with any certifications?

No, although Microsoft does have some certifications that are related to SharePoint, this course isn't designed to prepare you for any certification in particular. As you take this SharePoint course, you'll actually practice using SharePoint's features and tools to host documents and disseminate information to your teams and organization. That it'll help you prepare for certifications like Microsoft Office Specialist is just a perk.

Who should take this power user SharePoint training?

Although any office worker or Windows user who has to visit a SharePoint at any point should take this course, the best audience for this course is anyone whose job somehow involves distributing company-wide information or updates. If you manage information in any capacity, take this course and you can find out if SharePoint is the right tool for you and your organization to disseminate information, automate workflows and manage projects.

Will skills in SharePoint go out of date or expire?

It's always possible that shortly after you master SharePoint, your organization will decide to change the software they use for document sharing. But the skills you gain from learning SharePoint will remain relevant even if that does happen. Mastering SharePoint isn't just about learning its buttons – it's about good document management, workflow automation, managing permissions, and security. Those are relevant skills that will follow you to any future platform or job.
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