Introduction to Microsoft 365 Messaging

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Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate (MS-203) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Messaging Administrator Associate worth it?

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate retires on December 31, 2023. But this course, which prepares you for the exam, is definitely is still worth it, because even though Microsoft is retiring the certification itself, that doesn't make the ability to manage a secure and efficient mail collaboration platform over Microsoft Exchange any less valuable. Companies need to know their emails will get sent and received every time, and that's where this course comes in.

How much does the MS-203 Messaging Administrator Associate exam cost?

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification only has one exam, MS-203, and it costs $165 to attempt that exam. If you can take and pass the MS-203 before the certification is retired on December 31, 2023, you can still earn the certification, which will be valid for one year. Also, you can renew your existing Messaging Administrator Associate cert until June 30, 2023.

How difficult is the Messaging Administrator Associate?

The Messaging Administrator Associate certification and exam aren't especially difficult. If you've got experience using Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft 365 to plan, configure and manage recipients, mail flow and connectivity, you'll probably find the MS-203 pretty easy. Make sure you review the exam objectives, though, since topics regarding security, compliance, identity, networking, licensing and integration with other Microsoft 365 apps are also featured on the test, and those are hard without previous training and knowledge.

Will the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate expire?

Yes, Microsoft's certifications all expire one year after they're earned. Microsoft certifications are good for one year to make sure they keep up with changing technologies and technology environments. Recertifying a Microsoft certification is free, though, as long as you take the recertification exam within six months of your expiration date. Also, the MS-203 and Messaging Administrator Associate certification retire on December 31, 2023. Retiring is different from expiring – it means that no one will be able to earn the certification or take the exam.

Who should take this course on messaging administration?

This course is designed to prepare learners for the MS-203 certifying exam. That exam tests familiarity with administering Microsoft Exchange to manage an organization's email infrastructure. Anyone who has to manage Microsoft Exchange Online settings and resources should take this course, as should anyone whose job requires them to plan a mail transport architecture for an organization, or secure the messaging environment itself.
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