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AWS Certified Developer Associate Training

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.
This course will be retired on October 3, 2023. If you'd like to prepare for the newest Developer Associate exam, please watch our AWS Certified Developer – Associate course.

In this AWS Developer training, Bart Castle covers the objectives in the DVA-C01 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification.

This training is for developers who have experience with cloud services, but don’t have specific experience with AWS. While there are technically no prerequisites for this AWS developer training, you should know at least one high-level programming language like JavaScript, C, or Python. Since throughout this course you’ll be developing, deploying, and debugging AWS applications, knowing those languages will be necessary.

For anyone who manages their work center’s AWS training, this AWS Developer training can be used for DVA-C01 exam prep, on-boarding new cloud developers, or upskilling generalist programmers.

AWS Certified Developer Associate: What You Need to Know

For any developer using this training for exam preparation, our AWS Certified Developer Associate course maps to the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exams objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Manage the Cloud9 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including setting up users and groups, launching a new Cloud9 environment, and maintaining SAM applications within Cloud 9
  • Install and use the AWS Command Line, including batch-write-item, batch-retrieve and batch-get-item, querying and scanning
  • Automate record processing with Lambda
  • Create tables through the management console and command line
  • Understand how to provide secure administration with DynamoDB
  • Create basic Python and PHO code for AWS environment manipulation

Who Should Take AWS Certified Developer Associate Training?

This AWS Developer training is considered associate-level AWS training, which means it was designed for experienced cloud developers. This AWS Certified Developer Associate course is valuable for new developers with at least a year of experience with AWS services and experienced cloud administrators looking to validate their AWS skills.

New or aspiring AWS developers. For relatively new developers, becoming an AWS Certified Developer Associate means you’re committed to the mastery of data in cloud environments. By learning to fetch and process data with the AWS Command Line or how to manage the Cloud9 IDE, you’ll be more efficient and capable in developing AWS applications.

Experienced developers without AWS experience. If you’re already a developer, but you’ve never worked with AWS services, this AWS developer training will teach the basics. While the architecture best practices and lifecycle management portions may be a review, Bart goes into detail about AWS-specific topics you’ll need to get started like the service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs.

Experienced AWS developers. If you already have experience managing cloud resources, becoming a Certified Developer Associate will give you mastery over the more obscure parts of the job. This course and certification rely heavily on Cloud9 and AWS Command Line expertise -- giving you a deep level of familiarity and literacy you need to manage all your cloud resources perfectly.

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