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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Online Training


Bart Castle


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Online Training

In this foundational AWS Cloud Practitioner training, Bart Castle covers the learning objectives of the CLF-C01 exam, which is the one required exam to earn the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

Cloud Practitioner is the perfect place to start learning AWS. Mirroring the CLF-CO1 exam, this training offers a good overview of the most common AWS compute, storage, network, database, and security services. For most administrators, there’s no need to dig into the hundreds of esoteric AWS services out there. They only need a few to get up and running with the AWS cloud — EC2, S3, and Virtual Private Cloud. Bart covers everything a new cloud administrator needs to get a good handle on AWS design, infrastructure, and design.

This Cloud Practitioner training also covers the business side of the cloud generally. That’s valuable information for any cloud administrator that’s had to justify or optimize their AWS services and usage.

For anyone who leads an IT team, this Cloud Practitioner training can be used for CLF-C01 exam prep, on-boarding new technical and non-technical professionals, or AWS cloud migration training.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: What You Need to Know

For any technical and non-technical professional using this training for exam preparation, our AWS course maps to the CLF-C01 exam objectives, and covers topics such as:

  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services
  • Principles of Cloud Architecture Design and Cloud Economics
  • AWS Access Management
  • Cloud Security and Compliance
  • Compute, Storage, Database, and Security Services
  • Examples of AWS Implementation
  • Pricing, Account Structures, and Billing Support

Who Should Take AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training?

This Cloud Practitioner training is considered foundational-level AWS training, which means it was designed for technical and non-technical professionals. This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is designed for technical and non-technical professionals with three to five years of experience with the AWS cloud.

Non-technical professionals. This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is perfect for anyone working with AWS cloud services or whose company is adopting AWS as a cloud provider. Designed as an introductory course, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training can be used in pursuit of the AWS certification, professional awareness about cloud technologies — or even as user training. Companies often fall short on user training when they migrate to a new platform. This AWS training is everything you need to hit the ground running.

Technical professionals. If you think you won’t learn a thing in this AWS Technical Essentials course, you’re wrong. This AWS course is an inch deep and a mile wide, covering storage, network, database, and security services, cloud architecture, and access management. Importantly, it also covers both the business and technical sides of the AWS platform. With visibility into both sides, this AWS Technical Essentials training provides a valuable bird’s eye view over not only AWS services but the cloud economy as a whole.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

  • Get Started with AWS Cloud Practitioner

    Entry 26 mins4 videos
  • CBT Nuggets AWS Lab Tools

    Entry 45 mins6 videos
  • Plan for AWS Account Management

    Entry1 hr 1 min9 videos
  • Manage Access to AWS Resources

    Intermediate1 hr 16 mins9 videos
  • Plan for AWS Managed Security Services

    Entry 50 mins7 videos
  • Plan for Data Storage Security at AWS

    Entry 38 mins8 videos
  • Plan For Data-In-Transit Security at AWS

    Entry 29 mins6 videos
  • Plan for S3 Confidentiality Data Security

    Entry 40 mins6 videos
  • Plan for S3 Integrity and Availability Data Security

    Entry 33 mins6 videos
  • Plan for Monitoring at AWS

    Intermediate1 hr 4 mins9 videos
  • Plan for VPC Network Traffic

    Entry 37 mins7 videos
  • Plan for and Run Amazon EC2 Instances

    Entry 38 mins9 videos
  • Design for Dynamic EC2 Workloads

    Entry 38 mins7 videos
  • Design for Web-Scale Application Patterns

    Entry 35 mins6 videos
  • Choose a Datastore at AWS

    Entry 56 mins8 videos
  • Plan for Deployment Management

    Entry 29 mins5 videos
  • Plan for EC2 Pricing

    Entry 51 mins7 videos
  • Plan for Governance Monitoring at AWS

    Entry 25 mins4 videos
  • Automate Cost Management

    Entry1 hr 2 mins10 videos
  • Apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework

    Intermediate1 hr 20 mins12 videos
  • Prepare for the Cloud Practitioner Exam

    Entry 54 mins6 videos
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Learning Resources

    Our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training includes videos and in-video quizzes.

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