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New Training: AWS EC2

by Michael Hess
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Published on February 26, 2021

In this 41-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainer Bart Castle covers the knowledge cloud administrators need to obtain and configure cloud compute capacity through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and scale compute capacity to your needs.

Watch this AWS EC2 training.

EC2 is crucial for accessing secure, resizable compute capacity at-need. This training will show you how to spin up and configure capacity through the simple web interface and with APIs. Plus, much of what you’ll learn carries over to other Amazon services and aspects of cloud administration, making you a more useful and capable administrator.

The six skills that comprise this AWS training are:

  • Plan for and Run Amazon EC2 Instances

  • Support AWS EC2-Based Workloads

  • Design for Dynamic EC2 Workloads

  • Design for EC2 Automated Scaling

  • Secure EC2 Workloads

  • Plan for EC2 Storage Security

The six-part series covers topics such as navigating Amazon Web Services account details, obtaining and booting new server instances, and monitoring computing requirements and scaling new capacity accordingly as well as:

  • Generating EC2 Key Pairs

  • EC2 Storage Security Overview

  • Launching EC2 Instances with the Management Console

  • Using the Command Line to Launch EC2 Instances

  • EC2 Scaling Group

This training includes:

  • 3 hours of training

  • 41 videos

Watch a video from the series:

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Start learning AWS cloud computing today!

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