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This Week: Becoming a VDI Engineer

by Raju Woodward
This Week: Becoming a VDI Engineer picture: A
Published on April 11, 2020

More organizations are turning to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver desktop environments to their end users. This week on the blog, we took at look at what VDI engineers do, which virtualization giant is best for VDI needs, and how to solve virtualization issues.

How to Become a VDI Engineer

Virtual desktop infrastructure requires a wide range of skills from networking to well, virtualization, of course. If you're unsure where to take your skills, perhaps you should consider becoming a VDI engineer.

VDI Infrastructure: Citrix vs. VMware

When it comes to virtualization, VMware and Citrix are the clear market leaders. So, naturally, we decided to put them head-to-head in regard to how well handle virtual desktop infrastructure tasks.

7 Steps to Resolving Common Virtualization Issues

Just because something is spun up and deployed virtually doesn't mean there won't be hiccups. We've gathered some of the top virtualization-related issues and explained how IT pros like you can resolve them.

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