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New Training: Upgrade Devices to Windows 10

by Team Nuggets
New Training: Upgrade Devices to Windows 10 picture: A
Published on May 6, 2021

In this 12-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer James Conrad shows you how to upgrade devices to Windows 10 by using cloud services from Microsoft. Watch this new Windows 10 training.

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This training includes:

  • 12 videos

  • 1.3 hours of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introduction: Upgrading Devices to Windows 10

  • Assess Infrastructure Readiness

  • Plan for App Compatibility

  • Identify Windows Upgrade Paths

  • Upgrade out of S Mode

  • Windows 10 Downgrade Paths

  • Configure a Desktop Analytics Lab

  • Desktop Analytics Cloud Services

  • Connect to Desktop Analytics

  • User State Migration Tool Overview

  • User State Migration Tools – Lab

  • Summary: Upgrade Devices to Windows 10

What is Desktop Analytics?

Before upgrading your devices to Windows 10, you may have significant uncertainty about the compatibility of the devices' apps with the new operating system. Desktop Analytics can help you determine the readiness of these devices, by using data culled from your own organization along with that from millions of devices that are connected to Microsoft cloud services.

Desktop Analytics provides an abundance of information regarding devices and the apps installed on them. By using Desktop Analytics in combination with the Configuration Manager, you can create an inventory of the apps that you use in your organization with that information and then assess their compatibility with the latest version of Windows. Desktop Analytics will not only identify compatibility issues with your devices, it will also provide you with suggestions for mitigating them.

With Desktop Analytics, you can further create pilot groups that represent broad selections of the apps that you employ. You can then deploy the pilot to a limited number of devices before deploying the operating system to all of them.

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