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New Training: Deploy Q-in-Q Provider Bridging

by Team Nuggets
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Published on March 9, 2021

In this 11-video skill, CBT Nuggets trainer Knox Hutchinson describes how to configure Q-in-Q 802.1ad bridging on Junos devices in service provider networks. Watch this new Juniper training.

Watch the full course: Service Provider Routing and Switching Specialist

This training includes:

  • 11 videos

  • 1.1 hours of training

You’ll learn these topics in this skill:

  • Introducing Q-in-Q Configuration on Junos

  • The Plan of Attack (Q-in-Q Design Considerations)

  • Configure Bridge Domains (aka VLANs)

  • Configure Customer Edge Devices

  • Configure Provider Edge Bridges

  • Configure S-VLAN Bridges

  • Validate the Configuration

  • Tunneling Certain C-VLANs in the Core

  • Describe C-VLAN Normalization

  • S-VLAN Translation

  • Summarizing Q-in-Q Deployment

How Do You Configure Q-in-Q on Junos?

To configure Q-in-Q on Junos, first you need to create and configure all necessary customer Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) on the neighboring switches. Then, you need to map your customer VLANs (C-VLANs) to the service provider VLANs (S-VLANs). You can do this by using all-in-one bundling to map all packets from all C-VLAN interfaces to an S-VLAN, by using many-to-many bundling to map a subset of the C-VLANs to a subset of the S-VLANs, or by using a specific interface mapping to assign an S-VLAN to an C-VLAN interface.

To use all-in-one bundling, you need to configure the S-VLAN and its interface. Then, you need to configure all-in-one bundling on the C-VLAN.

To use many-to-many bundling, you need to configure all S-VLANs and assign each to an interface. Then, you need to configure many-to-many bundling on every C-VLAN.

To map a specific interface, configure the S-VLAN and its interface. Then, configure a specific interface mapping on the C-VLAN. You can also optionally translate the VLAN ID on the interface.



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