This Week: Getting into DevOps
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This Week: Getting into DevOps

To say working in the DevOps field requires a mishmash of skills is an understatement. You’ll need a little bit of this, a bit of that, and while you are at it, some of this. This week on the blog, we take a closer look at how you can break into this exciting and growing area of IT.

5 Best Tools to Learn to Become a DevOps Engineer

Tools are every IT pro’s best friend — if they are used properly. Start building your DevOps skills by learning some of the top tools in every experienced DevOp engineer’s toolbox. We highlight five of them right here.

How to Get DevOps Experience

It’s one thing to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work in DevOps. It’s another to gain the experience employers are looking for. Explore ways you can hone your skills in a way that will translate to landing your dream DevOps role.

15 Essential GitHub Commands for Beginners

Automation is one of the technologies a DevOps pro needs to know. GitHub is quickly becoming essential to network automation. Guess what? You’ll probably want to learn GitHub if you want to be in DevOps. Here are the GitHub commands that you’ll want to get familiar with first.



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