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New Course: BackTrack and Kali Linux

by Raju Woodward
New Course: BackTrack and Kali Linux picture: A
Published on April 18, 2013

Want to learn about the best tools for penetration testing, information gathering and vulnerability assessment? Look no further than CBT Nuggets' new training course, "BackTrack and Kali Linux." 

Trainer Keith Barker will teach you how to use these free Linux distributions to identify weaknesses and strengthen network security. You'll learn just how vulnerable unprotected networks can be—and you'll never look at security the same way again!

From installing BackTrack on a virtual machine to working with Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi, this course shows you how to use these powerful tools for good. Keith explains how to prevent attacks using tools like Hydra, Scapy, and Parasite6.

This course is aimed at network technicians who want to learn about penetration testing and anyone with network experience interested in white hat hacking.


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