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by Team Nuggets
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Published on January 24, 2014

CBT Nuggets trainer and Linux Guru, Shawn Powers, shared his top 10 tips for beginning Linux users.

In the spirit of all things open-source, we've decided to round up some of the best Linux blogs from around the Internet and share them with you.

These blogs range on topics from Linux Kernel to Ubuntu, and practically everything in between.

If Linux is your thing, or you just want to learn more about the powerful open-source operating system, we think you'll find these blogs both informative and enjoyable.

  • Every Day Linux User – Linux for the layman.

  • Linux Notes from Dark Duck – How to choose an operating system for your computer and how to run it there.

  • Linux Kernel Monkey Log – Random bits from Greg Kroah-Harman.

  • Dedoimedo – A place to learn a lot about a lot!

  • Thoughts on Technology – My Thoughts about computers and current technology.

  • nixCraft – Insight into Linux Admin Work.

  • Web UpD8 – Dail Ubunti/Linex news and application reviews.

  • Linux Weekly News – Linux info from the source.

  • Incosolation – Adventures with lightweight and minimalist software for Linux.

  • major.io – Words of wisdom from a Linux engineer focused on information security.

  • Mark Shuttleworth – Here be dragons.

  • Alien Pastures – My thoughts on Slackware, life and everything.

  • Phoronix

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