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New Course: CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One 1.0

by Raju Woodward
New Course: CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One 1.0 picture: A
Published on March 18, 2014

Gearing up to the take the revised Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certification exam? Be confident on test day by watching the new CBT Nuggets training course, "Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching v5 All-In-One: 1.0 Network Principles."

This 22-video course features both Anthony Sequeira and Keith Barker, who teach the written exam topics of CCIE and provide many bonus tip videos on topics such as exam strategy and study tips.

Here's the complete video listing for the course:

  1. CCIE R&S v5 LAB Exam Format

  2. CCIE R&S v4 to v5 Topic Changes

  3. Finding CCIE Exam Information

  4. Bonus Tip Nugget: Why Do So Many Fail?

  5. Tracking Your CCIE Success

  6. IOS XE

  7. Bonus Tip Nugget: Documentation in the Exam

  8. Cisco Express Forwarding

  9. General Network Challenges

  10. Bonus Tip Nugget: Over-Configuration in the Lab

  11. IP Oper. – ICMP Unreachables

  12. Bonus Tip Nugget: Core vs Noncore

  13. Bonus Tip Nugget: Trackers in the Lab Exam

  14. ICMP Redirects

  15. IPv4 Options and IPv6 Ext Headers

  16. TTL and MTU

  17. TCP Operations

  18. UDP Operations

  19. Evaluate Proposed Changes to a Network

  20. Use IOS Based Troubleshooting Tools

  21. Apply Troubleshooting Methodologies

  22. Interpret Packet Captures

The course is the first of six courses that will cover the entire CCIE Routing and Switching v5 curriculum.

Starting watching this course today!



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