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Top 10 Sights to See at SpiceWorld 2017

by Team Nuggets
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Published on October 2, 2017

Spiceworks is settling down in the Lone Star State to host their 10th annual SpiceWorld conference and CBT Nuggets is getting ready to join you in all the action. In celebration of SpiceWorld's 10th anniversary, we're sharing the top 10 things you need to check out while you're at SpiceWorld 2017 in Austin, Texas, along with how you can get there.

1. Keynote speaker Kevin Mitnick

Phone phreaker and hacker extraordinaire, Kevin Mitnick was an unstoppable force whose story reads like a movie script. Through the 80s and 90s, he accessed untold numbers of phone- and internet-connected corporate systems before finally being caught by the FBI in 1995. Was his motivation money or fame? Nope, he loved the curiosity and fun of it.

Since his release from prison, he has become a security consultant and bestselling author. His public presentations are known for their live hacking magic demonstrations, so this will be a session you won't want to miss.

2. One-on-one with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Portfolio

HPE reps will be on hand to talk about the latest and greatest from their server line. Appropriately named for this SpiceWorld decennial, the Gen10 servers offer greater compute scalability, unique firmware security, and more of those hypnotic spinning hard drive LEDs.

3. Rocking the Small-time Show: Running 1-Man and Small IT Departments

If you've been a part of one, you know the incredible challenges that super small IT teams face on a day-to-day basis. With only so many hours in the day, how do you balance users' help desk requests, server fires, network uptime, and finishing projects without giving up on sleep or sanity? You're not alone, and this session could provide you with some wisdom and therapy.

4. HP Z Backpack PC Demo

Your new goal for next quarter: Find a business justification for this beast. It's a wearable, battery-powered VR PC, do you need more convincing? Hopefully, this demo will help you come up with some legit reasons to get your hands on this game-changing wearable!

5. Spiceworks Tools

Because the conference is hosted by Spiceworks, of course, they'll be taking time to show off their own wares. Sessions will include their new 30-minute-a-day training platform, strategies for using their inventory system, and golden rules of ticketing systems, focusing, of course, on the Spiceworks Help Desk.

6. Never Mind the Network's Health. What About Yours?

Our jobs as IT pros are largely sedentary, as 8+ hours in a desk chair is normal. Plus, we sit while driving to and from work. Then we sit at the dinner table, and then on the couch in the evening. All this sitting is doing nothing good for our health. This session is all about busting myths about nutrition and exercise, and learning how we can best take care of our bodies while working in IT

7. Swag. Swag. Swag. Swag.

The real reason you're going.

8. The Party Continues Into the Night

The SpiceHeads know how to throw a party, and Tuesday night's after-party will be no exception. After dinner, head on down to the Moody Theater, home of the venerable Austin City Limits show, for a private event.

9. BBQ

Don't miss a chance to enjoy the city that you're visiting! Austin is an amazing place and worth taking some spare time to explore. Of course being Texas, few states can hold a candle to the food, and no local would stand for anything less than Texas BBQ. Seriously, you gonna argue with this?! No, go find some meat.

10. The CBT Nuggets Booth!

No conference would be complete without visiting your buddies at CBT Nuggets, and we'll be out in full force with quite possibly the most amazing booth in IT conference history! Where else can you get your IT fortune foretold by Zoltar? Or chat with the team about all your training needs? Or pick up EVEN MOAR SWAG!?! We'll be at Booth #61, so come and find us.

Don't miss it!

Clearly, these three days are going to be a blast! Space and time are running out, so make sure you get registered today and come join us down in Texas. Need a little help convincing your boss? Spiceworks has some tips for how to present a strong case, full of words like "value" and "ROI," stuff manager-types will just eat up. Just like you're going to be eating up some beef brisket and Tex-Mex with us down in Austin!


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