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Quiz: How Well Do You Know CBT Nuggets?

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Quiz: How Well Do You Know CBT Nuggets? picture: A
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Published on June 7, 2016

It's SuperTrainerPalooza 2016 — our biggest TrainerPalooza ever!

Our trainers and many other CBT Nuggets team members work far away from Nuggets HQ. TrainerPalooza events let the trainers get together with each other, and also the developers, IT pros, accountability coaches, and everyone else who contributes to producing the best IT training possible.

We feel that TrainerPalooza should also let you get a look into the inner workings of the Nugget culture. If you've been training for a while, you probably know we're a fun bunch, and you probably know a lot about CBT Nuggets from the videos.

Even if you've only recently signed up for your free week, you can still find all of this information on the blog and website.

Test your CBT Nuggets knowledge!

Let us know how well you did on this CBT Nuggets Superfan Quiz in the comments below, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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