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New Course: Professional DevOps with Azure

by Team Nuggets
New Course: Professional DevOps with Azure picture: A
Published on June 23, 2020

Deliver products and services efficiently and smoothly with Azure DevOps. New CBT Nuggets trainer Michael Levan just wrapped up his debut course, Professional DevOps with Azure, which walks you through how to use the Azure DevOps platform. 

This intermediate-level course consists of 73 videos and is aimed at DevOps pros with three to five years of experience with orchestration tools. It's designed to increase your proficiency with orchestration tools. Topics Michael covers in this course include:

  • Designing DevOps strategies

  • Implementing CI/CD 

  • Deploying to preferred platforms

  • Monitoring performance

  • Building and deploying with CI/CD

This training can also benefit newer or aspiring DevOps pros because Azure DevOps is language-, platform-, and cloud provider-agnostic. As such, this course can be a good onboarding resource for DevOps pros. 

Add Azure DevOps to your IT toolbox. Start watching Michael's course today!

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