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How to Use Notes, Bookmarks, and Transcripts

by Karin Klinger
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Published on September 16, 2016

Update 12/5/2018:

Based on feedback from our learners, it's clear we could be doing a better job with the Notes and Bookmarks features. So, we'll be removing Notes and Bookmarks from the website by the end of 2018 and taking some time to assess how they can be improved. When these features are removed, all of your existing notes and bookmarks will be deleted.

Want to keep your notes? Here's how you can do that:

  1. Sign in to cbtnuggets.com/.

  2. On the Notes card, click see all: All of your notes will be displayed on one page.

  3. Use your browser's Print feature (File > Print) to print a hard copy or PDF of the notes. OR Select the text on the page, copy it, and paste it into a separate Word or Google document.

If you have any questions or feedback about this change, please feel free to contact Learner Support.


Transcripts are accessible only from course pages. Transcripts can be powerful resources to help you quickly find the content you need to brush up on or to read to reinforce what you are watching in the videos. Some learners will read a transcript before watching a video, or immediately following, to help solidify the new information in their minds.

Taking advantage of these tools can turn you into a CBT Nuggets super-user! Transcripts can help you better retain the information you are learning, making you a more successful learner, and ultimately, a more successful IT pro.

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