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Bitcoin Gift Guide 2013

by Raju Woodward
Bitcoin Gift Guide 2013 picture: A
Published on December 17, 2013

The holiday shopping season is in full swing in the United States. Cash is changing hands and credit is being stretched… but what about Bitcoin? Thanks to Bitcoin's huge rise in profile over the past year, the currency is now accepted by many.

Dip into your stash and get any of the items in our 2013 Bitcoin Gift Guide. From jewelry to food, there's something here for everyone on your list. And after they thank you for your thoughtfulness, blow their mind by saying casually, "Yeah, I paid with bitcoins."

A number of Etsy shops now accept bitcoin. The custom Braille jewelry at Leigh Luna is gorgeous and far from ordinary.

At Wildfire Alien, you can find a variety of things, including a Star Trek: Next Generation collector's plate.

BuyAPillow is the rare shop that appeals to BTC'ers and laypeople alike. Get a custom zip code pillow for a friend, and one with bitcoin wit for yourself.

For the sci-fi, graphic novel, or fantasy fan, don't miss the graphic posters available from Harshness. An "I [heart] Tatooine" or minimalist House Lannister poster will enhance the wall of any room.

Find more Etsy shops that accept bitcoin by checking this thread.

Bitdazzle was founded as a marketplace for goods to be purchased with bitcoin. But don't think Silk Road items — we're talking home decor, apparel, and sporting goods. Check out the Bitcoin Deals section or dive into the categories and find things like binoculars, an indoor-outdoor tabletop fireplace, and organic salsa verde.

The list of Bitpay merchants grows daily, and includes sellers of everything from travel services to electronics. The old-leather-and-fine-wine types will admire anything from Distinguished Imports. Or, plan a trip and book accommodations through 9flats.

Finally, if you need a drink after holiday family time (and you are in one of a select list of U.S. locations), belly up to BitBar. Select your bar and your drink, then show up at the indicated time and wait for the bartender to call out your assigned alias.

Cheers to a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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