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Announcing the Winners of Our 20th Anniversary Giveaway!

by Team Nuggets
Announcing the Winners of Our 20th Anniversary Giveaway! picture: A
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Published on January 29, 2020

IT training can change lives. We recently asked learners to share their 2020 learning goals for a chance to win free CBT Nuggets training. 

More than 3,500 learners shared how training could impact their careers and better their lives. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their goals.

We are excited to recognize our 20 winners. Here are excerpts from their submissions. 

I'm very proud of what I've accomplished in my career as a chef, but the 80 hour weeks, nights, weekends, holidays. I knew that if I wanted to stay in that career, my family would have to be sacrificed — and I wasn't sure I was willing to do that. That's why I want to get into IT. Taking care of my family and trying to be able to be the best provider for them is my goal.

Daniel D. 

A few years ago I started my path toward certifications and completed my first two goals of earning CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification while working as an IT and communications manager at a hospital. However, I was stricken with a disease that forced me to give up my position so I could fix my health. After almost two years of doctors not knowing the cause it was discovered I had a rare non-cancerous tumor.

In December 2018, the tumor was removed. After recovering from the operation, I decided to resume my certification journey. My current goal is earning MCSA Server 2016 certification by my birthday in February 2020. 

Brandt B.

I am a bartender with a master's degree. I decided — because of my love of technology — to pursue an IT career. I don't need a degree, just the knowledge and ability to apply it. Because of advances in technology, I can learn all this online! My 2020 learning goal is to become well-versed in a particular field in IT to finally begin a fruitful career, so I can take care of my family and finally have some relief.

Dwayne P.

I've learned so much with CBT Nuggets augmenting my on-the-job learning, that I want my efforts to shine through, achieving my CCNA before the end of February. I've previously studied programming, not networking. So, this has been monumental for me. After 10 years in another field, I want to be an inspiration to those that seek career change and metamorphosis in the future.

Nathan W.

I've been working as a cleaner in the maintenance department for over 14 years and it feels like I'm in a dead-end job. To cover rent and utilities, I am a Lyft driver on my days off. One day I picked up a passenger and we started exchanging stories. He told me about his career and told me that I should get into IT as well. The same way someone introduced him to IT — he wanted to share it with me.

Jean P.

I recently moved to the United States with limited financial resources. I have a degree in biochemistry but didn't have opportunities back home. IT is a growing field that offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities. My 2020 goal is to get a Cisco CCENT or CCNA certification to enter the field. 

Arnold F.

I love your content and I wish I could learn everything you have — I really do! I would like to take advantage of the accountability coaching – sometimes you need a kick in the ass to get you going.

Ramvir S. 

We are a single-income family due to my middle son being profoundly autistic. I don't earn a great deal currently. Two years ago, I made a career change after losing my job as a management consultant. I was lucky enough to get a role as a POS engineer, which was more based on my passion than my knowledge. 

My objectives are to be strategic so I can balance the income issue, add a bit of comfort to our lives, and be able to work from home — all of which will take pressure off my wife and allow me to provide more care to my kids. 

Ben B.

In 2013, at 20 years of age, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I'm now going on six years of being cancer-free! During chemotherapy, I attended college in order to earn my A.A.S in networking technologies. Because of being sick, I was unable to fully benefit from the Cisco courses that were offered. Networking has been a gigantic pain in my side, and I've always run away from it. With this six-months training, I can finally learn it — and advance my career possibly to systems or network admin roles.

Christian H.

It's very difficult to find compelling IT jobs in Somalia. Through self-study, I earned my CCNA, which landed me a job as an IT assistant. Being in a very remote area, I don't have classes and study materials to help me stay up to date with every technology. I feel like I have the potential to master them and excel in life through continued and lifelong learning. 

Mahad A. 

I earned my CompTIA Security+ certification in February 2017 and within four months moved to Network Security. I then transferred to the civilian side and am hoping to earn my Network+ certification for my unit, my section, and myself. As a female in the United States Army, and in technology, I want to be one of the females encouraging others to act on their goals — and that anything is possible.

Brianna A.

I'm currently enrolled as an IT major at Ranken Technical College. I'm finishing up my second year there and will be graduating this May. As one of only a few girls at my entire school, I want to set an example and be a role model for all other girls out there. I had no previous experience in IT before I started school — just an interest and desire to do something I enjoyed.

Nichole M.

I stayed home for 30 years to raise my five children. My "baby" turned 18, and I'm not old enough to retire and I don't want to! I want a challenging career. I currently have the CompTIA A+ and Network+, both of which I attained through self-study. Now I want to get the CCNA certification, but I don't feel confident enough to do it alone. CBT Nuggets looks like the best option to help me continue learning and pursuing this new career.

Anne K. 

I would like to obtain my CCNP Security certification in 2020 — and sharpen my programming and automation skills with a Devnet Associate certification. I plan to blog about my learning experience like my friend Katherine McNamara has done. She's become a tremendously respected source of knowledge in the industry, and I admire her dedication and hard work.

Matthew D. 

My 2020 learning goal is to pass the Windows 10, Server 2016, and SCCM certification exams. I'm hoping these certifications will back up the on-the-job skills I have acquired — enough to warrant a pay rise so that I can move to a better paying job and finally propose to my girlfriend.

Paul J.

I'm a single mother, wanting to master networking — and become a badass network engineer! Albeit, I want to pass the CCNA before February 2020.

Victoria G.

I feel lucky that most companies I worked for the past few years hired me without any certifications. I could find answers in books or online for key areas I was lacking in. I can no longer keep up with the changes and updates on my own without training. It's harder to find companies that will hire me without certifications that prove I can do the job. In order to stay competitive and employed, I must change and work hard to get a solid foundation, build upon any missing key areas, and follow it up with certification to prove I earned the right to be called an IT pro.

Maqueda L.

I am a senior in college currently working toward getting certifications like Cisco CCNA and CompTIA Security+. My goal is to get these certifications so that I can improve my chances of getting a solid job coming out of college. I want to be able to pay off my student debt and hopefully help my mom out as she is planning on retiring from her job as an elementary school teacher. She is the only reason I have been able to get as far as I have in life, so I want to be able to help her through retirement.

Ryder H.

The contract I was working on ended and the incumbent did not bid on the new contract. I was hired to work on a team supporting Netsuss ACAS scanning solution. Because I picked up the product so quickly and had such a varied background, I was chosen to work on a project that included the deployment of F5 Big IP devices as a security device between the Firewall and the network tools that my team supports.

I have worked in multiple IT environments, and am now on a cyber engineering team. I am looking to learn everything I can regarding F5, network routing, firewalls, proxy servers, and eventually ethical hacking.

James H.

I teach IT to adults — anything Windows-related, network theory, and Cisco. These core technologies are trending "old school" these days. Most of my students are trying to get new jobs as IT technicians or sysadmins and need courses on new technologies. I am always trying to improve my skills and courses. That's why I came to CBT Nuggets and I've been very happy. 

Olivier G.

Congratulations again to the winners — and thanks to everyone who shared their learning goals with us! 

Stay tuned for information on future contests, including our upcoming Cert Class of 2020!


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