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This Week: How to Make Your IT Resume Stand Out in the Pile

by Raju Woodward
This Week: How to Make Your IT Resume Stand Out in the Pile picture: A
Published on July 15, 2017

This week, we took at look at how people in several common and in-demand IT roles can boost their resumes, from learning new skills, to earning certification, to adopting new approaches. Oh, and we also reexamined everybody's favorite IT debate. We like to keep things edgy around here. 

  • 5 Ways to Boost Your IT Networking ResumeYou're the star when it comes to everything networking within your organization. But what's next? Whether you want to become a team lead or shift into a different area of IT, here's what you need to bolster your resume for your next move.

  • Enhance Your IT Security Resume in 7 StepsNot surprisingly, there's a lot of demand for IT pros with security skills. Worried about the IT security field getting saturated? Here's what you need to do to make your resume stand out to hiring managers.

  • Strong to Stellar: 3 Ways To Strengthen a SysAdmin ResumeLet's be honest, a lot of IT jobs are vague or overlap with each other, and sometimes sysadmin jobs can feel like they fall into that category. Read three straightforward and simple ways you can power up your resume if you're a sysadmin.

  • How IT Managers Should Play Up Leadership Skills on Their ResumesJust because you've got the corner office, control the budget, and get to assemble your IT star squad doesn't mean you should kick back and rest on your laurels. These are the things you should add to your skill set and resume to be the manager everyone wants to work for!

  • Who Gets Hired: IT Generalists or IT Specialists?Should you go wide and learn a lot of different skills or should you hone in and specialize on only one? It's a timeless debate within IT. Heck, we've tackled the question before — and we revisit it again, with some help from our trainers.

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