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This Week: Are Certs Worth It?

by Raju Woodward
This Week: Are Certs Worth It? picture: A
Published on March 13, 2020

Some IT pros say IT certifications are a must. Others argue that real-world experience is far more valuable. In a perfect world, a combination of both would be preferred. That said, we decided to determine whether earning the following certifications is indeed worth your time — and money.

Is CompTIA Cloud Essentials Worth It?

If you're interested in learning cloud computing technology, why would you start with Cloud Essentials — instead of an entry-level cert from AWS or Azure? It's a fair question and one we try to answer by exploring whether CompTIA's cloud cert is worthwhile.

Are Linux Certifications Worth It?

This might be a silly question to ponder considering Linux is commonplace today. Interestingly enough, that hasn't resulted in an increase in Linux-specific jobs. With that in mind, is it that crucial to get Linux certified?

Is AZ-203 Worth It?

There's a lot of certification options out there for developers, thanks to the prominence of the cloud. While having choices is nice, it can be overwhelming. We explore the value of Microsoft's AZ-203 certification exam and whether it's worth taking on.

Microsoft Plans to Retire AZ-203, Release AZ-204

Microsoft can't keep its hands off its Azure developer certification program. For the third time in two years, it's changing up one of its core Azure certifications. This time, the AZ-203 is being replaced by the AZ-204

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