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Meet the Trainer: Greg Shields

by Team Nuggets
Meet the Trainer: Greg Shields picture: A
Published on February 23, 2012

Greg Shields, VMWare expert.













State: Colorado

Professional: Certifications in Microsoft MSP and MCSE, VMware vExpert, Citrix CCEA. Expertise in Microsoft Servers and Desktop, Citrix, VMware, Security, Frameworks and Management, Compliance, Exchange, Microsoft System Center, Hyper-V, VBScript, Windows Deployment, Group Policy.

With CBT since: 2005

When I'm not making CBT Nuggets videos, you'll find me… Climbing a mountain or riding down one on a mountain bike, snowboarding secret trails few know about, whipping up a multi-course gourmet dinner with yesterday's leftovers and some really good wine, or catching whatever jam band happens to be playing this weekend.

Favorite Nugget: I can't remember exactly which Nugget it was, but in the middle of recording one video our half-Weimaraner/half-mutt decided she wanted a speaking part herself. Our conversation felt so natural, I kept it in the finished product: "Hey, Lily dog!" And thus made CBTN history.

The best part about being a trainer is… Having a completely one-sided conversation with another human being that isn't really there, but deep down in your heart you know really is – even if our entire conversation is a bit asymmetrical. While not every Nugget I submit is perfect, I give each the best effort I can. That's what's great about the CBTN format. Listen carefully, and you can hear when I'm excited, when I'm just tired, and when I'm absolutely passionate about some aspect of technology. CBTN's videos are raw, and it's that no-holding-back approach that makes them unique in a world of over-produced everything. Hope you enjoy the experience, because (almost all the time) I absolutely am!

I'm passionate about IT training because… See previous response. Repeat.

See Greg's videos here!

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