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Ask a Trainer: CompTIA A+ or Network+

by Team Nuggets
Ask a Trainer: CompTIA A+ or Network+ picture: A
Published on January 25, 2016

We recently asked our trainers whether they'd recommend IT newcomers start with the CompTIA Network+ or A+ certifications.

Here's what they said:


Jeremy Cioara recommends to start with A+: "I lean towards someone understanding basic computing and operating systems before I would teach them the network that the computers use."

Keith Barker recommends to start with Net+: "If the beginner has no experience with a computer, then A+ might be the best start."

Garth Schulte recommends to start with A+, but get both: "You'll never become the IT McGyver with just one or the other."

Anthony Sequeira recommends to start with A+: "Following [A+] with Network+ might be a good idea, but it would depend on their exact career path."

Chris Ward recommends to start with A+, but get both: "I believe … it is best to get your A+ and then your Network+. All other certs will build on those no matter what direction you go."

Learn more about the cloud and mobile updates to the revamped A+ 900-series certification in Anthony Sequeira's webinar, "What's New with CompTIA A+".

This week, we also looked at the relevance of the certification, and also asked our Facebook communitythe same question: "Would you recommend someone start out with A+ or Network+?"


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