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12 Ways to Fail an Exam

by Team Nuggets
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Published on December 22, 2014

Why do people make such a big deal about certification exams? After all, it's only your time and money. And really, what's the point of earning a cert anyway?

Keep that attitude up, and you're almost guaranteed to fail. Here are 12 surefire ways to fail your next exam:

1. Cram at the last minute. You'll remember it better last minute, right?


2. Pull 3 consecutive all-nighters, studying for the exam, right before the exam. Sleep is overrated.

3. Arrive late for the exam. The party doesn't start until you arrive.

4. Use only practice exams to prepare.  CBT Nuggets training courses are just a bonus.

5. Don't bother taking notes. Repetition? Reinforcement? Pfffft.

6. Skip practicing your skills. Labs are for losers.

7. Never tell anyone that you're training. Ain't nobody got time for that.

8. Drink a whole bunch of coffee right before you go into the exam room. Caffeine rush will put your brain on point. Plus you have a big bladder.

9. Don't bother downloading/reviewing exam topics provided by the vendor. Every question will be like a surprise!

10. Don't bother asking questions. You'll figure it out on your own.

11. Don't find a study buddy.  Other people will just distract you. Plus they can be annoying. Studying alone is always best.

12. Efficient training = Click "play" and walk away. It's practically like osmosis or something, right?

OR… if you actually want to conquer your exam, do the opposite. Of all of this.

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