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How to Use Notes, Bookmarks, and Transcripts


CBT Nuggets offers a variety of features that are designed to help you get all that you can out of your training experience, including:

  • Notes: access the notes you take throughout your training;
  • Bookmarks: bookmark information to return for further review; and
  • Transcripts: review video Nugget transcripts as notes and search for specific content.

The notes, bookmarks, and transcripts features are all accessible from any course page, in the tabs located just under the video player.


Notes and bookmarks are also accessible on your My Training page where you can view all your notes and bookmarks collectively.

As you take notes throughout your training, the notes are accessible from the course associated with these notes, or collectively through the My Training page. When you access your notes through the My Training page, the notes are delineated based on the courses associated with the notes. But when you access your notes through a course page, you will only see the notes associated with that course, and each video.


Accessing your notes through the My Training page allows you to see all your notes from a course, all in one place. Click on the see all link in the upper right corner of the Notes section.


Pro tip: using the pop-out player option makes it easy to take notes while the video plays in a separate window. Take notes in real time, capturing the information you need to review at a later date for retention and to help ensure your training success!

Bookmarks allow you to mark a specific time code in a video Nugget, and label it for future reference. You can use bookmarks to help you identify content that you may need to review in the future. Bookmarks are accessible from the course page under the Bookmarks tab, or from the My Training page.



Transcripts are accessible only from course pages. Transcripts can be powerful resources to help you quickly find the content you need to brush up on, or to read to reinforce what you are watching in the videos. Some learners will read a transcript before watching a video, or immediately following, to help solidify the new information in their minds.


Taking advantage of these tools can turn you into a CBT Nuggets super-user! Notes, bookmarks, and transcripts can help you better retain the information you are learning, making you a more successful learner, and ultimately, a more successful IT pro.

Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.


Not a CBT Nuggets subscriber? Start your free week now.

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