Jamie Grettum Nugget trainer since 2017

"The best part about being a trainer is equipping learners with the knowledge they need to persevere through the hardships. Regardless of the topic, there is always a period of anxiety and frustration that comes before clarity — and that is the magic of learning."

Jamie Grettum brings a wealth of Salesforce training experience to CBT Nuggets. Jamie started her training career in the late 90s with an online learning startup, which spawned her career as a virtual trainer for live synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions. Jamie's passion for teaching morphed into technology adoption in 2010 when she became a Salesforce admin and change leader, helping small and medium-sized companies implement and adopt Salesforce. Her Salesforce expertise is highly sought after, and she has been a speaker multiple times at Dreamforce. She’s also known for her consulting work, especially in regard to managing and working with remote teams. When Jamie is not creating training videos, she is a volunteer educator teaching Spanish to middle school students.

Certifications: Salesforce Administrator, Change Management (DDI), Coaching for Peak Performance (DDI), Communicating for Leadership Success (DDI), and Trust (DDI)

Areas of Expertise: Salesforce (Classic and Lightning), Leadership and Management training, Remote Team Effectiveness, Change Management, Business Analysis, and Technology Adoption Strategies

Course Title
Navigate and Personalize SalesForce Lightning
Salesforce Lightning for Business Users
Transition to Salesforce Lightning for Business Users
Salesforce for Business Users - Classic Interface
Salesforce Admin - Classic Interface