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ReactJS Online Training

This foundational React Fundamentals training prepares learners to create applications in ReactJS with excellent UIs and that can respond to data without refreshing the page.

React Fundamentals: What You Need to Know

For any network designer looking to improve their proficiency with Javascript frontend libraries, this React course covers topics such as:

Who Should Take React Fundamentals Training?

This React Fundamentals training is considered foundational-level React training, which means it was designed for someone with no React experience at all.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Basic React Concepts & Syntax

Entry 53 mins7 videos

Create and Reuse React Components

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Type-Checking and Event-Handling in React

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Introduction to Component State

Entry 50 mins7 videos

Lists and Component Reusability

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Introduction to React Routing

Entry 59 mins6 videos

Refactor React Applications

Entry 48 mins7 videos

Introduction to React Context

Entry 46 mins6 videos

React Form Basics

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Reusable Forms in React

Intermediate 54 mins7 videos

How React Rerendering Works

Intermediate 50 mins8 videos

React Inner Workings

Intermediate 50 mins5 videos

Introduction to Redux

Intermediate1 hr 2 mins8 videos

Adding Redux to Existing Applications

Intermediate 51 mins6 videos

Redux Performance & Testing

Intermediate 58 mins6 videos

Legacy React: Basics

Intermediate 51 mins7 videos

Legacy React: Component Lifecycle

Intermediate 51 mins9 videos

React-Testing-Library Basics

Intermediate1 hr 1 min7 videos

Advanced Testing with React-Testing-Library

Intermediate1 hr 1 min7 videos

Adding Tests to an Existing App

Intermediate 54 mins6 videos

Testing React Pages

Intermediate 50 mins6 videos

Load Server-Side Data in React - New

Intermediate 55 mins6 videos

Work with Dates In React

Intermediate 50 mins6 videos

Build a Reusable Calendar Component

Intermediate 48 mins6 videos

Build an Event Tracker in React - New

Intermediate 47 mins7 videos

Build a Single-Date Date-Picker in React - New

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Build a Date-Range Date-Picker in React - New

49 mins5 videos

Build a Multi-Date Date-Picker in React

Intermediate 56 mins5 videos

Date Picker Enhancements

Intermediate 58 mins5 videos

Building Atomic Components with Storybook

Intermediate 58 mins6 videos

Build Molecule Components with Storybook

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Build Organism Components with Storybook

Intermediate 46 mins4 videos

Add Storybook to Existing Apps: Atom Components

Intermediate 48 mins5 videos

Add Storybook to Existing Apps: Molecule Components

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Adding Storybook to an Existing App: Organism/Page Components - New

Intermediate 49 mins5 videos

Reusable Forms Deep-Dive - New

Intermediate 51 mins5 videos

Form Validation Basics - New

Intermediate 50 mins5 videos

Form Validation with Regular Expressions - New

Intermediate 52 mins5 videos

Advanced Form Validation - New

Intermediate 45 mins5 videos

Work with Different Form Inputs - New

Intermediate 55 mins6 videos

Introduction to Recoil - New

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Advanced Recoil - New

Intermediate 56 mins6 videos
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