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ReactJS Online Training

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ReactJS Online Training

This foundational React Fundamentals training prepares learners to create applications in ReactJS with excellent UIs and that can respond to data without refreshing the page.

React Fundamentals: What You Need to Know

For any network designer looking to improve their proficiency with Javascript frontend libraries, this React course covers topics such as:

Who Should Take React Fundamentals Training?

This React Fundamentals training is considered foundational-level React training, which means it was designed for someone with no React experience at all.

Skills You'll Learn in this Course

Basic React Concepts & Syntax - New

Entry 53 mins7 videos

Create and Reuse React Components - New

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Type-Checking and Event-Handling in React - New

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Introduction to Component State - New

Entry 50 mins7 videos

Lists and Component Reusability - New

Entry 56 mins6 videos

Introduction to React Routing - New

Entry 59 mins6 videos

Refactor React Applications - New

Entry 48 mins7 videos

Introduction to React Context - New

Entry 46 mins6 videos

React Form Basics - New

Entry 53 mins6 videos

Reusable Forms in React - New

Intermediate 54 mins7 videos

How React Rerendering Works - New

Intermediate 50 mins8 videos

React Inner Workings - New

Intermediate 50 mins5 videos

Introduction to Redux - New

Intermediate1 hr 2 mins8 videos

Adding Redux to Existing Applications - New

Intermediate 51 mins6 videos

Redux Performance & Testing - New

Intermediate 58 mins6 videos

Legacy React: Basics - New

Intermediate 51 mins7 videos

Legacy React: Component Lifecycle - New

Intermediate 51 mins9 videos

React-Testing-Library Basics - New

Intermediate1 hr 1 min7 videos

Testing React Pages - New

Intermediate 50 mins6 videos

Add Storybook to Existing Apps: Molecule Components

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Add Storybook to Existing Apps: Atom Components

Intermediate 48 mins5 videos

Build Organism Components with Storybook

Intermediate 46 mins4 videos

Build Molecule Components with Storybook

Intermediate 47 mins5 videos

Build a Multi-Date Date-Picker in React

Intermediate 56 mins5 videos

Build a Reusable Calendar Component

Intermediate 48 mins6 videos

Work with Dates In React

Intermediate 50 mins6 videos
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