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Intermediate Angular Tutorial: How to Build an Angular Datepicker FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

What is Angular and what is a datepicker?

Angular is a JavaScript framework, which is a pre-written collection of code and libraries that gives developers a foundation for building web applications. Angular is best known for its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that helps to organize code as well as its tools for creating interactive single-page applications. A datepicker is a simple example of a web application or website component that lets users select a date from a calendar.

How does learning to build a datepicker make you a better Angular developer?

Building a datepicker in Angular is a straightforward and simple task that requires developing an intermediate level of knowledge and familiarity with the framework. If Angular development was a sport, learning to build a datepicker is like scrimmages and drills – in a smaller, narrowly defined setting you practice building up the necessary strengths and skills to do a larger undertaking. Also, having a datepicker in your portfolio looks great in job interviews.

Can taking an intermediate Angular tutorial help me land a job as a programmer?

An intermediate Angular course like this can absolutely boost your job prospects as an aspiring programmer. Building a datepicker with Angular demonstrates proficiency in Angular development and showcases valuable, practical experience. This course gives you a tangible product by the end, highlighting app-building capabilities and problem-solving skills. This course isn't a guaranteed path to a job right away, but it enhances your resume and gives you a leg-up on competition.

What are the upsides to learning how to code in Angular?

Angular's comprehensive feature set and strong ecosystem of support are its most obvious advantages compared to other frameworks or languages. Angular supports two-way data binding, dependency injection, and robust routing capabilities – it's a full-fledged solution for building complex, single-page applications. With TypeScript support and extensive documentation, an active community and full backing from Google, it's a compelling choice for developers who want stability as well as scalability for their web development.

Who should take this intermediate Angular course?

This intermediate Angular course is great for relatively new web developers who want to focus on their frontend skills working with JavaScript frameworks. It's also a great course for experienced developers who are transitioning from other frameworks into Angular since the course objective of building a datepicker will be a familiar challenge and you'll quickly pick up what makes programming one in Angular different from the language you're most experienced or familiar with.
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